1. Randal C. Nelson. Thesis: “Visual navigation”. Currently Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science, University of Rochester, NY.
    2. Minas E. Spetsakis. Thesis: “The geometry and statistics of visual motion” . Currently Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, York University, Toronto, Canada.
    3. John Sullins. Thesis: “Distributed learning: Motion in constraint space”. Currently Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Southern Methodist University, Dallas, TX.
    4. Anup Basu. Thesis: “Model-based visual navigation”. Currently Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
    5. David Shulman. “A theory of discontinuous regularization”. Currently Research Associate, Department of Computer Science, Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA.
    6. Ehud Rivlin. Thesis: “Purposive recognition”. Currently, Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel.
    7. Larry Huang. Thesis: “Qualitative visuo-motor coordination". Currently President, Primeton Technologies, Changhai, China.
    8. Jean-Yves Hervé. Thesis: “A theory of hand/eye coordination”. Currently Associate Professor, Department of Computer Science and Statistics, Univ. of Rhode Island, Providence.
    9. Rajeev Sharma. Thesis: “Visual interception”. Currently Professor, Department of Computer Science, Pennsylvania State University.
    10. LoongFah Cheong. Thesis: “Distortion of space due to perceived motion”. Currently Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, National University of Singapore.
    11. Gregory Baratoff. Thesis: “Qualitative space representations extracted from stereo”. Currently Research Professor, Department of Neural Information Processing, University of Ulm, Germany.
    12. Tomás Brodský. Thesis: “The Video Yardstick”. Currently at Honeywell, Briarcliff Manor, NY.
    13. Bradley Stuart. Thesis: “Visual memories: 3D video”. Expected date of completion: June 2020. Currently at Magic Leap.
    14. Robert Pless. Thesis: “Visual shape”. Currently Professor and Chair, George Washington University, Washington, DC.
    15. Patrick Baker. Thesis: “Harmonic Computational Geometry”. Currently at Logos Technologies.
    16. Jan Neumann. Thesis: “Eye Design”. Currently at StreanSage Technologies (Comcast).
    17. Abhijit Ogale. Thesis: “Visual Correspondence”. Currently at Google.
    18. Ji Hui. Thesis: “Statistics of Visual Space”. Currently Associate Professor, National Univ. of Singapore.
    19. Gutemberg Guerra-Filho. Thesis: “A linguistic framework for human activity”. Currently Assistant Professor, University of Texas.
    20. Morimichi Nishigaki. Thesis: “Image segmentation”. Currently at Honda Research, Germany.
    21. Yi Li. Thesis: “Human action synergies”. Currently Research Scientist at Australian National University.
    22. Kostas Bitsakos. Thesis: “ Segmentation and occlusions”. Currently at General Motors.
    23. Justin Domke. Thesis: “Tractable Learning”. Currently Assistant Professor at University of Massachusetts, Amherst.
    24. Xiaodong Yu. Thesis: Bridging the Semantic Gap: Image and Video Understanding by Exploiting Attributes". Currently at StreamSage Technologies, Washington DC.
    25. Houngyun Yi. Thesis: “A framework for automated symmetry detection”. Currently at Samsung.
    26. Douglas Summerstay. Thesis: “Productive Vision”. Currently at ARL, Adelphi, MD.
    27. Ching Lik Teo. Thesis: “Computational Mid-Level Vision: From Border Ownership to Categorical Object Recognition”. Currently at National University of Singapore.
    28. Yezhou Yang. Thesis: “Manipulation action understanding for observation and execution”. Currently Assistant Professor, Arizona State University, USA.
    29. Austin Myers. Thesis: "From Form to Function: Detecting the Affordance of Tool parts using Geometric Features and Material Cues". Currently at Google, Mountainview, CA.
    30. Anupam Guha. Thesis: "Data and Methods for Reference Resolution in different Modalities". Currently at StreamSage (Comcast), Washington DC.
    31. Aleksandrs Ecins. Thesis: "Cluttered Scene Segmentation Using the Symmetry Constraint". Currently at Zoox Inc., Menlo Park, CA
    32. Konstantinos Zampogiannis. Thesis: "Reasoning about Geometric Object Interactions in 3D for Manipulation Action Understanding". Currently at Magic Leap Inc., Menlo Park, CA
    33. Chengxi Ye. Thesis: "Learning of dense optical flow, motion and depth, from sparse event cameras". Currently at Amazon, Seattle, WA
    34. Anton Mitrokhin. Thesis: "Motion Segmentation and Egomotion Estimation with Event-Based Cameras". Currently at NVIDIA, Santa Clara, CA
    35. Nitin J. Sanket. Thesis: "Active Vision Based Embodied-AI Design For Nano-UAV Autonomy". Currently at University of Maryland, College Park, MD.